10 Essential Maintenance Tips For Lithium Battery

by Alexander J.
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In the present day tech-advanced world, rechargeable batteries are becoming a must-have in one circumstance or another. From cars, cameras, mobile phones, laptops, and other countless electronic devices. Rechargeable lithium battery types have become a necessity. For the Large lithium battery types like those used in cars and industries, there are vital tips to know if your batteries are to see full life span. There are several maintenance deeds you need to exercise to ensure your industrial batteries serve their purpose.

  • Always Use the Right Lithium Battery Charger

It is true lithium-ion battery charging procedure is the most ignored. Often, people will take great care regarding their device well-being but tend to handle the same device charging method lightly. What most do not understand is, a poor charging decision can lead to life-shortening, battery failure before living it useful days or even lithium battery explosion. It is advisable you use the original charger always or when replacing the charger, make sure you choose one with the right voltage.

  • Store your Lithium Battery At Room Temperature

For optimum operation, keep lithium batteries at room temperature that is 20-25 degrees Celsius. Under colder temperatures, the chemical reaction tends to slow down thus affecting your battery normalcy. On the other hand, when at high temperatures, some protective layer within the battery layers breakdown. If that layer is to get reconstructed; a lot of energy is necessary which brings about stored energy sucking. To maintain the chemistry of lithium ion battery at an optimum working level, give the battery time breaks to cool down during charging, usage and lastly keep them far from colder environments.

  • Do not User Your Lithium Battery Until It’s Fully Dry

No matter how busy or in need of your device to keep working, avoid deep discharge of your lithium battery. Deep charge draining can cause your metal plating to occur inside your lithium polymer battery thus causing short-circuiting.

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  • Do not Use Your Lithium Battery While still Hot After Charging

After buying a new 48v, 12v lithium-ion battery or one of any size, it is common that these new batteries get hot on their first charging incidence. Although the high-temperature thing is a challenge, engineers are still working to dissipate the heat. But that does not mean you ignore the same. When your battery gets extremely hot during charging, avoid using it until it cool. If you happen to use it in that condition, the internal temperatures of your device will raise something that might affect the same device negatively.

  •  New Lithium Battery Should Get Charged

Probably, you have come across the old known advice that batteries must get charged for 12 hours if you’re charging it for the first time. But today, those 12 hours are unnecessary. It was true that Ni-MH and Ni-CD batteries needed the extended charging to get activated, but that’s not the case with lithium battery type. Honestly, lithium-ion batteries get activated before leaving the factory. Lithium battery charging should be complete when the charge level indicates so.

  • A Lithium Battery Should Not Undergo Frequent Changing

If you intend to see your lithium-ion battery serve to full life expectation, avoid overcharging them. Once the charging level has gotten to the optimum level; switch off the charger. The point is, feed that battery with enough charge. Overcharging will lower your lithium battery life span or raise your device and hot charger temperature. Over changed lithium-ion batteries can turn them into small bombs; be keen.

  • Avoid Lithium Battery Contact With Metals

Large lithium batteries do carry more energy capacity, and any mishandling can result in explosion or short-circuiting. To be safe, keep your lithium battery terminals from the metal objects for example rods, keys or spoons. When such an object gets into contact with terminals, the short-circuiting might not affect you in person but damage the battery internally.  

  • Do Not Leave Your Lithium Battery For long  without  Charge

First, if you are planning to store your large battery, it is advisable you charge it first. For better storage, your battery should charge to 30% or 70% before storage. The charging level helps avoid your battery ions from getting damaged. After three full months of storage, you need to charge that battery as a caring and maintenance option again.

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  • Use Your Lithium Battery Or  You Lose It

Have you come across lithium ion batteries whose manufacture have specified their life calendar leave alone cycle life? It is possible to tell how long a lithium battery on a plane or car will remain useful. The main reason is if you do not use your battery or use it, all in all, its lifespan is shortening. The point is, keep using your battery. Although you will follow other care tips; if you are not going to use your battery, the calendar life might catch up with you. Lithium ions are like fresh veggies, the early you buy them, the more day they will spend on your fridge.

  • Get Caution With The Ins & Outs Of Your Lithium Battery

You better learn the care and maintenance tips for your large lithium batteries. The way you draw power from them either in large amount or smaller amounts all contributes to your battery well-being. For example, forcing these batteries to output large amounts of power in a short period can cause similar damage like that of cooling and heating at the same time. If such happens, the protective layers tend to break and get rebuild simultaneously. 

On the other hand, low discharge rates are worse than that of idle lithium battery storage. Remember, large lithium battery price is always high. Thus serious care and maintenance should always get exercised.  

  • Conclusion

If you admire to see your lithium battery serve the expected purpose, make sure you watch the way you use your battery. The small things that many people ignore are the ones that count a lot into ensuring your lithium battery life span does not get interfered. Make the above hints your habit, and you will never complain of short lithium battery life span.

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