Common Overlooked Software Factors When Considering Outdoor LED Display Screen To Invest In

by Alexander J.
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To impress novice entrepreneurs, most manufacturing companies will use technical terms to amaze the buyer with the specifications of an outdoor LED display screen. Unfortunately, due to lack of knowledge, most people end up buying screens that have terrible imagery and are susceptible to easy damage. To ensure you don’t fall victim to misleading advertising tactics, below are 5 key considerations to keep in mind when selecting a stage LED screen.  

  • Outdoor LED Display Screen  Resolution

To get images and portray videos of high quality, the first thing to consider when choosing an outdoor led display is the resolution. To do this, consider the pixel of the display screen. Remember, the higher the pixel, the higher the resolution which brings about quality images. Thus, factor in the brightness of the surrounding environment, select a screen that allows auto adjustment of the resolution and imagery depending on the amount of light it’s exposed to.  

  • Color Effect  Of The Outdoor LED Display Screen

During functions like weddings, concerts, or corporate events, outdoor led screens are used to set the mood of an event. Bright colors like neon green showcase a celebratory mood while blue colors showcase a cooler atmosphere. Depending on the mood you want to showcase, ensure that the screen you invest in has the range of color temperatures you need.

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  • Outdoor LED Display Screen Video Effect

With technological improvement, videos that seemed static are quickly fading away, giving rise to video effects that look more realistic and portray more than abstract images. Though the kind of video effect will affect the LED display price, this shouldn’t be a factor when deciding whether to purchase a 2k video effect screen or a 4k high-resolution video effect screen. When selecting, let the event type guide you. Remember even though concerts displays will be much more forgiving, video qualities for the unveiling of new products in corporate events and of showcasing a wedding couple should be sharp.

  • Power Consumption Of The Outdoor LED Display Screen

In case of a power outage during an event, you must be sufficiently prepared to power up your display screens with alternative backup power solutions.  To prepare for this, you need to know the power consumption rate of every LED screen for a stage that you intend to purchase. Doing so will allow you to match the specifications and avoid getting power backup alternatives that are insufficient.

  • Outdoor LED Display Screen Digital Processing Speed

Finally, when choosing an outdoor LED display screen to invest in, take time and note the digital processing speed of a LED screen display. Even though it is rare, ensure that the bit processing rate is directly proportional to the screen size. The last thing you want to do is to invest in a screen with a slow or delayed digital processing speed as this will produced jerky low-quality images.

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As seen above, you need to note down your specific outdoor LED display screen specification if you are to choose something that suits your needs. With so many screens types out there, focusing on the event type, time of event and event size will allow you to select the right stage LED screen to invest in. 

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