Important Considerations When Selecting A LED Screen

by Alexander J.
LED Screen

LED screens or large screens made of electroluminescent diodes. They display through the combination of red, green and blue lights which merge to create millions of colors. There are a few details you must point out when buying a LED screen. The most significant is the parameter of the screen, for example, the screens pitch or pixel. A right Bibi Led screen has all the parameters that suit your needs. Here are the most important tips while selecting a LED screen.

 LED Screen

LED Screen

Notable Tips To Consider When Buying LED Screen

  1. Key Parameters

  • Resolution

Resolution is the most critical parameter to consider since it determines the clarity of the contents on display. A high screen resolution is necessary to display data, graphics, and numbers which are easy to read and see. High-resolution Bibi LED screens are the ones with LED’s that are incredibly close to each other.

  • LED type

There are different types of diodes such as Duel In-Line Package (DIP) LEDs and Surface Mounted Devices (SMD) LEDs. DIP LEDs are used in the outdoor screens while SMD LEDs are used both indoor and outdoor media. The best option is one that suits your purchasing needs.

Note: the brightness of the LED screen depends on whether the screen is placed outdoors or indoors.

  • Indoor screens brightness fall between 2500cd/m2 and 700cd/m2
  • Standard brightness for outdoor screens fall between 7000 and 5000cd/m2
  • outdoor screens with high brightness fall between 8000cd/m2 and 12000cd/m2
LED Screen

LED Screen


2. Purpose of the screen

LED screens are designed with different parameters to suit different purposes of the screen. The parameters are different as per rental LED screens, LED curtains and LED floor.

  • LED floor (Interactive floor)

The most important considerations before selecting LED floor screens include the place where the screen will get positioned, the number of people expected to see the display, the nature of the content to be displayed and lastly the distance of the screen from the viewers.

  • Rental LED screens

Portable LED screens are perfect if they will get used in different locations. Rental LED screens are designed with lighter materials. They are fitted with specially designed latches and connectors for easy and rapid assembly and disassembly.

  • LED curtains

LED curtains are the perfect option when using an irregular surface. Also, they are the best when making an original and outstanding scene. They can be installed on open spaces, inside buildings or put to hang because of their lightweight. They come in different dimensions and sizes depending on their purpose.

LED Screen

LED Screen

3. Transparent or solid panels

The backing of the LED screen can either be solid or semi-transparent. Semi-transparent panels allow wind to pass through and also reduces the weight of the screen. They are the best for outdoor events. Solid panels are for indoor use because they don’t allow ambient light or distraction bleed through on the contents on display.


LED screens unlike the regular screens can be assembled in different creative ways to suit their use. Their size and orientation are not restricted to a standard size. Make sure the aspect ratio get considered while setting up the LED screen.

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