Top Considerations While Purchasing Solar Powered Streetlight Design

by Alexander J.


Unlike any other source of light, solar powered streetlights are very energy efficient. They save energy, money and at the same time are a green option. While choosing a streetlight to install around your area, you must keep your eyes on maintenance cost, varieties, comparisons, and budget. While making your choice, you must consider the streetlight components such as the battery storage console, solar modules, power bracket, and computerized controllers switch. Consideration of these components will help you choose the best solar-powered streetlight available. Below are the considerations to make while selecting solar-powered streetlights design.


  1. Integrated solar charge controllers

With the current advancement in technology, solar-powered streetlights design have also improved. The manufactures of these lights have innovated aesthetic mechanisms and designs that make the systems more enhanced and durable. The latest streetlights are designed with LED lights and charge controllers. The advancements have significantly reduced the cost incurred on wiring. Therefore, choose a streetlight with integrated solar charge controller.

Integrated solar charge controllers

  1. The smart battery control system

Intelligent and high-quality battery control systems are used in the modern day solar streetlights to avoid wastes and save energy. Besides, they maintain the battery status for an extended period of up to 4 days without recharging. They are designed to use lithium batteries which have a lifespan of up to 10 years. Unlike the old models of solar-powered streetlights which had heavy/large batteries, these modern one shave sizeable ones.

  1. The automatic light system controller

The best solar-powered streetlight to choose are the ones with the automatic light system controller. This system automatically switches the lights on and off during the days and nights. They have been equipped with sensors which observe the environment, climate and weather. Automatic light system controller makes the solar streetlight advanced since they switch on the lights at night and switch them off during the day.

  1. Lighting requirement

While purchasing a solar-powered streetlight, don’t buy one just because you want to save on power bills. Instead, you have to understand what your lighting requires, consider the space and size of the entire area. This is what determines whether you will purchase strong or less strong streetlights. Any obstructions on the lighting area may also affect the quality of the lighting. Ensure there are no obstacles such as trees around the area where the systems are to be installed.

  1. The solar panel

Note that the lighting system you choose is as good as the quality of your solar panel. The low-quality panel will be inefficient because they don’t charge the battery completely. This means that the streetlights may go off at the middle of the night. Consider purchasing a high wattage solar panel to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.

  1. Height requirement

Height requirement of solar streetlights

The height which you want your solar powered streetlight to be determines the length of the pole to choose. In most cases, the default pole height may fail to suit all intended purposes. Take time to consider the area that needs the solar panels before determining the length of the streetlight pole.



Making the wrong decisions while choosing the streetlights for your garden or footpaths will not only inconvenience you but also cost you extra cash. To avoid such situations, follow the above guidelines to the latter. Make sure you consider other factors such as the climate of the area and shade.




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