The Beginners Guide To Fiber Optic Cables

by Alexander J.
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Fiber cables are used in a variety of applications all around the globe. Their uses include areas like data centers, intercontinental communication links, small office LANs, etc. As they are highly efficient in the transportation of data, they have proven to be quite useful in the everyday running of a business enterprise. However, as there are various types in the market, selecting one that suits your needs can be quite challenging. FSG Networks Limited offers you an opportunity to invest in the best fiber cables for personal and business use. Below are some of the different kinds of Fiber optic cables you can invest in.

1.      Multimode and Single Mode Fiber Optic Cables

When considering various fiber optic cable uses, one of the things to consider is the mode. Ideally, a mode is how a light beam travels inside the fiber cable beam. The mode dictates the speed, bandwidth, distance and bandwidth of the cable. With multi-mode, two different specifications are expected from the two modes. As they both have different capabilities, learning their specifications allow you to choose one that best suits your needs.

2.      Fiber Optic Cables Jackets

During fiber optic cable installation, you might realize that different environments and materials require different jacket materials. A typical standard jacket is the “Optical Fiber Non-conductive Riser. The standard does not conduct electrical current as it has no metal in it. Patch cords are used for drop ceilings and raised floors. Finally, the third type of jacket is the “Low Smoke Zero Halogen” that produces no toxic halogenic.

3.      Simplex Vs. Duplex Fiber Optics Cable

The next consideration when searching for fiber cables is the fiber optic cable types. Mainly the two main connectors are the simple and duplex connector.  The simple cable connector tends to have connectors at each end. However, the duplex requires individual connection of the fiber cables to enhance means of communication between devices.

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4.      Fiber Optic Cables Connectors

As expected, considering the various types of fiber optic cable connectors is imperative. When choosing, ensure you get the measurement of the connector. Doing so allows you to select the kind of plug that is at the end.  A few options including LC, SC, ST, and MTRJ are available connectors that you can choose with.

5.      Fiber Optic Cables Price

Finally, when going through the list of fiber optic cable connectors that you can invest in, it’s important to consider the price. Often, fiber cables are pricey, and hence it’s essential to choose one that meets your budget. When deciding to purchase cheap fiber cables, ensure that it will meet your needs. However, even though you might get a good deal, cheaper cables usually mean poor quality.


COverall, differentiating and sorting out different Fiber optic cables can be quite challenging. However, as seen above identifying various fiber cables from FSG Networks Limited is easy. With just a little bit of research, you will be able to get to understand different cable types, what suits your business needs most and how to select the right kind of fiber optic cables to invest in.

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