Top Maintenance Tips For Your Press Brakes

by Alexander J.
Press Brake

Your hydraulic press brake can serve you longer if you implement specific maintenance tips. Since there are tons of unique press brakes in the industry, you need to know which tips would work for yours. In many cases, the leading maintenance tips for press brakes include making sure that the device is in perfect condition. These are some of the best maintenance tips for your press brakes. 

  • Inspect Your Machine

Every time before your shift begins, you should inspect your press brakes. Carry out a keen visual inspection of all areas. This will enable you to notice as well as address small impending problems that can affect your machine in the future. Consider verifying that the press brake is clean. Its functionality highly relies on how unclogged the engine and other operational areas are. If your press brake is already tooled up from the initial shift, you should consider using a new toolset to set up.

  • You Need To Be Cautious  

As with any machine you would be running at any given point and time, caution is a crucial consideration to observe. The ram of your press brake must be supported before performing any form of the maintenance procedure. This is primarily on the hydraulics and its mechanical system. In order to achieve that, you should place your ram on a wooden block. A special form of tooling must support this.  

  • Change Your Oil Filters

In as much as you own a press brake, you may still be wondering what your oil filters are for. There are a couple of reasons for having hydraulic fluid in the press brake. For starters, it supports the operation of your machine by transferring force from the power unit to the actuator. To support the proper functioning of your press brake, you need to check and then change oil filters constantly. Besides, you will be lubricating the system too.

a Press Brake
  • Maintain Tooling

It is crucial to maintain the tooling of your press brakes. But, many people have been asking how to achieve this. Well, to rest assured that your machine is in excellent condition, you need to check the tool kit carefully. Conduct constant visual inspection prior to use. You also need to ensure that it is clean from any form of mill scale. Damage tooling is precarious to the operation of the machine. Therefore, it has to be returned to the supplier.

  • You Can Always Restart The Machine  

As a professional in any manufacturing sector, you should be able to figure out challenges or upcoming issues on your press brakes. Where you find it challenging to identify a problem, you should consider rebooting your machine. Do this prior to contacting a repairer. If the press brake stopped when running, you might check its screen immediately.


Your press brake will always serve you better if you incorporate the checklist above. Other than that, you should also learn to spot the warning signs as you operate your machines. This was you will cut a hefty cost expense that goes to repair work.

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