Five Unique Ways To Use Powder Coating Wax

by Alexander J.
Powder Coating Wax

Most businesses dealing with coating and painting use powder coating wax to enhance the end product. If you are a business entity, you most likely use wax for various things like a dispersing agent, slipping agent, wear-resistant, and flavor enhancer. Below are other additional uses for waxes for powder coating.

  • Powder Coating Wax Improves Paint Film Stability

When it comes to the use of powder-coat wax polish, one aspect that is quite clear is it improves the stability of paint film. The powder coating wax has a heat stabilizer that affects the temperature material of a product. Additionally, it protects products from mildew and bacteria build up as it has a milder inhibitor and bactericide added as one of its agents. Overall, it has antioxidant properties and a light stabilizer giving it a beautiful finish.

Powder Coating Wax
  • Powder Coating Wax Affects Paint Film Performance

Air bubbles, paint built-up, and the viscosity of paint affects how the paint settles. Often, this leads to bumps that are unsightly and had to correct when dried. The wax acts as an antistatic agent, leveling agent, defoaming agent, surface modifier, and texturing additive. As a result, build-up, lumps, air bubbles are eliminated, allowing even application of paint. When added as a polishing compound for powder-coated surfaces, the paint film performance dramatically improves.

  • Powder Coating Works Changes Paint Mechanical Property

The powder-coat wax properties can improve the mechanical property of the paint film. The features make it possible to use it as a crosslinking agent, wetting agent, coupling agent, and curing agent. The addition enables the paint to settle and dry faster-eliminating disturbances that cause it to cure unevenly or crack.

Powder Coating Wax
  • Powder Coating Wax Affects Color

One aspect that is quite obvious when using powder coating wax is it changes the shade of the paint. The powder coat polishing compound changes fluorescent colors, making them brighter than they were. Some of the wax acts as de-luster, causing a matte like surface. However, sometimes, it acts as a luster agent, enhancing the overall look of the paint, making it shine, improving the aesthetic quality.

  • Powder Coating Wax Affects Combustibility

The risk of fire is a real danger, whether it is in the painting of PVC pipes, cars, household goods, or dealing with industrial parts. To decrease the risk of products spontaneously bursting into flames, a reduction of its flammability is essential. Wax reduces and controls the combustibility of the paint film. As a result, this makes it flame retardant and smoke suppressant hence protecting your products from fires.


As a business entity, the main aim of providing a service is to make a profit. When choosing waxes for powder coating, deliberate on the various uses. As the waxes are composed of differing properties, it’s essential to research and consider what type of structures best work with your product. Overall, consider investing in double-duty powder coating wax to save money and get the most out of it.

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