4 Benefits of Lockable Server Cabinet

by Alexander J.
Lockable Server Cabinet 2

Keeping your data center organized is crucial; that is why it is essential to have a lockable server cabinet to house your network and server equipment. Therefore, if you’re about to purchase a rack cabinet for your business, consider suntec-it.com. They will help you choose a cabinet that will efficiently house your devices and provide more room for future additional equipment.

Server rack helps you arrange your data center along with securing your data. Therefore, put into consideration the security features offered by the network rack cabinet before purchasing it.

Benefits of Lockable Server Cabinet

  • Security

It is essential to restrict the people that come into contact with IT and server equipment because they run your business. If someone alters the system, you might lose immensely, and it will be challenging to recover.

However, if you put your server, router, switch, and other equipment, only a few will access the cabinet thus increase the security of the core of your company. So, besides purchasing a lockable server cabinet, ensure it has other security features like password, card access, and other features the expert will advise.

Moreover, you can have a data cabinet enclosure server network rack with a glass door. It looks stylish but still, provide security for your server and network devices.

Lockable Server Cabinet
  • They Provide Efficient Maintenance

Suppose your office has cables running through the floor and you have hip- hop to get to the other side of the room. Frustrating. Nonetheless, if you buy a wall mount data cabinet enclosure 19″, it will provide enough room to arrange data cables efficiently.

Also, your IT technician will be able to identify a network problem and efficiently rectify it. Additionally, during the scheduled maintenance routine, it will be easy to perform tasks related to bettering the network system.

It is essential to note, as your company grows, you’ll require more employee or add a switch and hub. So, it will be easy to fit these two if you already have a lockable server cabinet. In other words, you can install a cable to a particular port correctly, thus, give a neat look.

  • Increased Performance

Where have you currently put the server? If it’s not a server rack 42U, then it’s against the wall in your office. This means your server isn’t working efficiently because there is no enough airflow leading to overheating.

However, if you put the server in a network rack cabinet with cooling features, your server will work effectively. Moreover, an expert will advise you to look out for the cooling element as the first requirement for server cabinet.

  • Come Assembled

Another advantage of lockable server cabinet is they are assembled directly before they are supplied to retailers. Therefore, ask your vendor about customizing the rack cabinet to fit your requirement so that you receive it when assembled. Your job will be to put server, hub, switch, and other IT equipment in the rack with the most cumbersome device on the bottom shelf.

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Take Away

It is essential to have an infrastructure that houses your server and network equipment primarily for the sake of your business security. Therefore, put into consideration the features of a lockable server cabinet before purchasing one.

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