How Elite-X Gas Improved the Outdoor Basketball Flooring?

by Alexander J.

Basketball not only tests your strength and nerves but the court too. Who else other than a basketball court contractor can understand this? The heavy footsteps, the giant ball pounding the floor throughout, and tremendous physical activity make the flooring prone to breakage because of excessive exertion.

The weather additionally plays a role in the wear and tear of the basketball courts. The flooring manufacturers are tirelessly working to bring up tough alternatives capable of bearing much more. Elite-X basketball court tiles are thankfully the new addition revolutionizing outdoor basketball flooring.

This blog post takes you on a stroll of the basketball court that recently resurfaced using Elite-X tiles. Get ready!

Comparing Elite-X Tiles


Let’s assume you are standing in the middle of an old, worn-out basketball court. You may notice tiles skidded away sideways. The faded tiles present a gloomy and lifeless court. The tiles in the middle may have experienced breakage for apparent reasons.

Such a court bears no motivation for the players fighting on top of it for a title. Here come, Elite –X tiles, completely transforming the breathless court into a roaring one.  


Resurface your basketball court with Elite-X tiles and observe a striking change. These tiles have improved outdoor basketball court flooring in several ways.

Weather Resistant

The new, improved, and upgraded Elite Pro is now called the Elite-X. These tiles are a pro at bearing different temperatures. Cold and hot temperatures cannot harm them; thus, the flooring remains consistent throughout. A floor unaffected by weather is surely a blessing.

Uniformity in Color

The harsh sun rays and UV light no longer affect these tiles adversely. The color uniformity is guaranteed and ready to please our aesthetics every time you lay your eyes on the floor.

Sun-textured design

The unique sun-textured design is not only visually appealing. The technical design says a big NO to slipping. Its anti-slip resistance has made a massive contribution to improving outdoor basketball flooring.

Corrugated Bottom

The bottom of lite-X is corrugated. This feature is a perfect aid in diminishing stress.

The corrugated bottom acts as a shock absorber. With grace and dignity, it takes all the pressure on itself, thus maintaining the shape of tiles for longer. This overall improves the outdoor flooring.

Third-Generation Safety Guard

Each tile is laced with a third-generation safety guard. This acts as an anti-slip aide and prevents the tiles from slipping sideways during the play. You can vividly imagine what a horrible sight dropped tiles would represent.


Elite-X tiles have undoubtedly breathed new life into lifeless and withered basketball courts. Aesthetically appealing and technically solid and Elite-X tiles are the new sensational tiles soon to replace almost every basketball court across the country. With minimal or practically no color degradation, Elite-X tiles thrive and make basketball a more fun sport. These are specialized tiles made in a particular way to minimize slip accidents. The slipping away of tiles sideways is also an old tale because of the third-generation safety guards.

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