How to prolong the useful life of a Custom USB cable

by Alexander J.

When purchasing custom USB cables, a lot of time is spent on choosing the correct one. This includes specifications regarding amps, voltage and the likes.  However, going through all that trouble of finding a Custom USB cable manufacturer will be for naught when and if you don’t take care of your USB cable in the proper manner. If you are unsure of how to go about it, below is a detailed guide on specific areas that you need to consider.

  1. Unplug correctly 

There comes a situation when one is tired and feels irritable to get up and unplug a USB cable from the source. In these instances, you might feel tempted just to pull it by the wire and be on your way. However, even as it is not visible, irreparable damage is being done to the cable. Wires from the inside get pulled and with time this will lead to severing of the cord from the head.

  1. Keep it cool

    Though USB cables are made in such a way; they can withstand continuous use, it’s probably best to give it some rest. Ideally, custom USB cables have a predetermined lifespan and thus keeping it plugged in power uses its lifespan. This is directly related to the overheating that is caused by electrical assistance. To prolong the longevity of your USB cable, keep it fresh with breaks from direct light. This also means taking measures to remove it from direct heat and sunlight.

  2. Use a surge protector

custom USB cables

custom USB cables

Advanced technology allows manufacturers to incorporate a natural surge variance to power.  This naturally protects your device in case of a sudden surge in power ensuring that your device is protected throughout.  However, even with its protector, this does not mean that it’s not susceptible to burning damage.  To extend its longevity, it’s wise to use an external surge protector that in turn protects it from extreme power surges.

  1. Keep it dry

    The end tip of a USB cable is made of metal, it’s important to keep it humidity free. As wetness eventually causes rusting to the tips, it’s important to safeguard it from this. More importantly, the cable makes use of power to operate. As a universal rule, keeping water away from electrical wires means that you will be protected from sparks and damage by water hence protecting it from damage.

  2. Store it properly

Finally, one of the most critical aspects of how to increase longevity is storing it properly. This means folding it in clean lines that do not put undue pressure on the cables. Avoid tossing it about in a tangled mess as this strains the head away from the source.  What’s more, when trying to pull them apart you will inevitably pull them apart and hence cause more damage to the wires.

custom USB cables

custom USB cables


Just as you would take care of your electronic devices, ensure that you take care of your custom USB cables. Clean them occasionally and store them in a cool dry place. In the end, this will save you money as you will require less instances of making an appointment with a Custom USB cable manufacturer.

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