A-List Of The Best 3D Printer Hot Ends

by Alexander J.
3D Printer Hot Ends

The 3D printer hot end refers to an element or feature in the device that usually melts the filament for extrusion to occur. The hot end assists in maintaining a consistent as well as accurate temperature for accurate printing. But note, there are different 3D extruder hot ends in the market. Often imitated, these products can never be duplicated. They have been engineered to offer excellent services in the long run. Besides, they are also the envy of professional hot end makers across the world. Here are some of the top 3D printer hot ends.

1. Prusa V6 Hot End

The Prusa V6 Hot End is prominent for providing its users with excellent services. It is reliable in many ways. For instance, it plays a role in enhancing the quality of printed products. When it is time to swap out different components from the printer, Prusa V6 comes in handy. It has a long thermistor coupled with heartbreak to enhance its operation. While this quality hot end is the envy of most 3D printer users, it should be noted that it doesn’t have a reliable PTFE. Therefore, users are advised to keep their initial devices for future use.

2. Hexagon Hot End

The Hexagon Hot End printer is an all-metal device that has a lulzbot line of different printers. It is a product of Repradiscount. But, it can also be found in other outlets across the industry. With the metallic design it boasts of, it is pretty possible for you as the user to maintain high temperatures of up to 250 degrees. For that reason, you can always use this printer to produce robust materials made of Nylon. Other than that, this hot end printer is a perfect option for individuals willing to keep their carriage weight down.

3. Diamond Triple Hot End Printer

3D Printer Hot Ends

 A diamond hot end printer is unique from the rest. It allows users to mix as well as match different filaments coupled with colors conveniently. Better yet, you will be excited to learn that you need a single nozzle to achieve this. The hot end also merges three unique filament paths in addition to extruders via the nozzle. That way, you can easily print your products using different filaments. Besides, the metallic hot end has different heat sinks coupled with breaks imitating the E3D design. Another feature you will like about this product is the fact that its mounting bracket is limited when it comes to the number of printers it is capable of fitting.


That primarily concludes our list of some of the best hot ends for 2019. Usually, professionals believe that the metallic one is the best. It allows you to fill in more filaments while withstanding high temperatures. At the same time, metallic hot ends are more efficient when it comes to printing. With the list provided above, you should be able to settle on a quality product.

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