Jinan Huafei CNC Machinery Co., Ltd.The adjustable welding roller can adjust the distance from the center of the welding roller by setting a screw hole or a lead screw to adapt to the change in the diameter of the workpiece. The drive adopts cycloidal pin gear reducer or worm gear reducer mode and is driven by two motors. Can be used with other machines to assemble and weld cones and segmented rotating bodies of varying diameters. Website:
RapidDone Co.LtdRapidDone offers one-stop solutions on prototyping manufacturing In China for over ten years. They have CNC machining, rapid plastic injection molding, metal sheet fabrication, 3d printing, metal stamping services. Besides, they support finishes such as polishing, anodizing, painting, super abrasion resistance, and other special surface treatment for both metal and plastic products.
With their vast manufacturing experience, they are sure to support the best quality at a reasonable price for your custom parts when you come to the prototyping manufacturing business.