Features of a Handheld Laser Cleaning Tool

by Alexander J.
Handheld Laser Cleaning Tool

A laser cleaning tool is an equipment used to remove impurities or contaminants from surfaces of objects without damaging or degrading their quality. Remember, the Laser cleaning method is the number one modern approach to rust removal on surfaces. There are many types of laser machines, including handheld laser rust removal tool types that rids spots or different areas off rust through coating removal or surface decontamination. In this extract, we look at the features of a handheld laser cleaning tool.

Features of a Handheld Laser Cleaning Tool

  • Portable

The machine is to be held by hand, and its compact design allows you to move it from one place to another quickly. It has a cleaning head that you move around to direct the laser beams on the specific area. Selective rust removal is essential as any unwanted part is not touched or ruined in ablation.

  • Power

It comes with a power rating of between 50W to 200W. The 50W handheld laser is more suitable for most people as it is cheaper and requires a single-phase power supply, which is readily available in most homes.

  • Length of Fibre

A standard fiber length allows you to be 5 meters from the laser beam. This ensures your health is not affected by the radiation. Some manufactures allow for customization of the fiber length in case you need a longer one.

  •  Articulated Manipulator

It supports the weight of a laser head, enabling it to eliminate any strain put on the operators; hence anyone can access it. It has a cleaning head, which is light and precisely deflects to position the laser beam. It also has two hand kill switch and mechanical interlocks for safety; thus, usability is improved.

  • Fully Autonomous

The automatic mode ensures the user achieves uniform results. Due to the repeat frequency, the layers of rust can repeatedly be taken away over the targeted spot until the desired depth is achieved. The number of repetitions depends on the rate. The higher the repeat frequency, the fewer times you have to go over the object with the laser beam.

  • Pulse Intensity and Power Adjustment

A handheld laser cleaning machine has a pulse intensity that is strong enough for it to clear rust or corrosion from surfaces without damaging the metal. Energy from the laser beam makes the targeted material heat up quickly, then it evaporates or sublimes, leaving the object intact. All stains are different; therefore, the machine allows you to change the power range depending on how tough a stain is to remove.

  • Optional Dust Collector

During the cleaning process, dust and other residues are produces, and you can choose whether to collect them to reduce environmental pollution. Opting for the dust collector prevents laser damage as accumulated particles can damage the sensors holding the head in place.


A handheld laser cleaning machine is ideal, especially for small spot sizes. When buying one, ensure it has features that match your liking for easy usage. Note, the type of tool you settle for will determine the extent of the job you work on. Always go for a machine that fits your job output expectations.

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