Cleaning Teflon Iron In 5 Steps

by Alexander J.
Teflon Iron

Teflon iron is a popular type of wire on the market. The material is used in designing various products including an iron box. It is useful primarily because Teflon coatings prevent gunk as well as other forms of debris from sticking on the iron. This helps in keeping the iron box clean while preventing your clothes from being stained too. Regardless, Teflon iron may still be stained. But there is a method of cleaning that may be used to get the stains off. By taking your time to clean the soleplate of the iron, you will be keeping your iron clean. In this blog post, we take you through the critical cleaning steps of products made of Teflon wire.

  • Cleaning The Soleplate– The first step towards cleaning the Teflon iron is cleaning the soleplate. Begin by creating a cleaning mixture. Here, you can pick detergent and then mix it with water to form a cleaning solution that should cut through the grime coupled with any form of dirt that may be at the base of your iron. Depending on the detergent you have, mix one teaspoon with 2 cups of water. You should use warm water.
  • Wiping The Soleplate– Now that you have created your solution go ahead and take a white cloth that you can use to clean the soleplate. The iron should be cool. Consider paying attention to various areas with grime and other stains. You should also consider using a microfiber cloth, especially if you do not want to scratch your Teflon wire. Here, you may also need the power of cotton cloth in order to remove stains-be careful-do not use a material that is too abrasive to the point of damaging your Teflon iron. It would help if you also considered switching dirty clothes with clean ones for excellent cleaning.
  • Clean The Groves Of Your Teflon Wire-Take a Q-tip and use it to clean the deep iron groves of your iron. Use the detergent solution you made earlier to go through several holes and groves using your Q-tip. If you encounter stains that seem hard to clean, then you can make use of a toothpick to loosen the grime.
Teflon Iron cleaning
  • Wipe Your Soleplate Down– Take a clean cloth and wet it. Use it in wiping down the soleplate. You should repeat this step twice in order to remove soap residue. Thereafter, you can use a wet Q-tip to remove residues from the holes. Lastly, rinse the soleplate under the faucet of the skin.
  • Remove Tough Stains From The Soleplate– It is essential to know how to remove tough stains from your Teflon iron. At first, you should soak a towel with vinegar, which is a strong cleaning detergent. In case you are unable to remove the grime with soap, then you can always soak paper towels in detergent then put an iron on them. Leave the iron in the vinegar-based fluid for the dirt to loosen and come off.

In Closing

Teflon is a unique material. Its common properties include slippery as well as durable. Its coating is perfect for various products used at home and in the commercial setting. Over the years, Teflon has been used to create iron, which is ideal because it does not engage even the basic delicate fabric. Iron does not also wear off. But it would help if you cleaned it often for better functionality.

Teflon Iron

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